prefabricated module spain


We have landed in Spain.

With a plant for white meat processing.

We are in the province of Álava, northern Spain. In the beautiful mountainous setting, a few kilometers from France, is the Okiturri Industrial Area.

Here we installed and commissioned the first poultry meat processing module in November 2022.

The prefabricated module is 9 meters long and it is fully compliant with food standards and, in addition to a small toilet and changing room for operators, has a room equipped for processing and a cold room for storing the finished product.

This is a project that has been going on for years. The Association of Rural Development (ADR Lautada) fought to provide a functional and affordable facility so that local farmers and producers would not have to travel long distances to process their raw material.

Three small local farmers decided to work together in order to increase turnover and amortize costs and expenses for the purchase of the structure.

The Lautadan Bertan Cooperative Society, which, in collaboration with ADR, decided to invest in a quick, effective and modular solution, relying on the Made in Italy warranty.

The Rural Development Association of the province of Álava financed 75 per cent of the project to help local realities and increase the development of a network of healthy, good, tasty products from a super short supply chain.

After listening to the customer’s needs and understanding the requirements, the technical department worked on the drawing and complete design of the facility. We then took care of the construction of the plant and within about 4 months the module was installed in Spain ready for use. A technician from the company took part in the commissioning of the plant and assisted with the initial start-up, explaining the operation of the machinery and all the techniques for correct maintenance to the future operators of the module.

We are proud and happy for this achievement,” says Tarcisio Senzacqua, CEO Self Globe and Sole Director at Sint Tecnologie, “it is the starting point for the development of a new system on the Spanish market. A unique model for the valorization of the products of a territory made according to tradition. Our conception of agribusiness” he continues, “supports the short supply chain and gives full visibility to the small agricultural producer, who remains the main pivot in building a solid commercial network.”

Tarcisio Senzacqua presided over the commissioning and initial start-up of the plant together with Ilaria Cupelli, the sales referent who led the negotiations with customers.

When dedication, passion and willpower know no bounds, wonderful things are always born. This is an innovative project that aims at a controlled food chain as a guarantee for an increasingly informed and attentive end consumer.

team of technical engineers