Since 1992, complete and customized agribusiness plants

Processing plants for red and white meat and agri-food products

Processing plants for red and white meat and agri-food products


Made in Italy

From design to installation. Fully Italian production as a guarantee of quality and customer care.


Safety and sonstenability

Facilities built in accordance with current sanitation regulations and designed with special attention to low ecological and environmental impact.



A highly qualified staff of engineers, technicians, and sales people follow the customer from the early stages of project feasibility to after-sales service.

"We design customized solutions, developing technology equipment to meet space, idea and cost requirements."

SINT Tecnologie succeeds in standing out because it offers slaughtering and processing plants to companies of all sizes and food sectors: red and white meat, game, dairy, fruits and vegetables, fish, by-product treatment, process water, warehouses, and retail outlets.

In addition, the company has patented innovative modular systems to meet the needs of medium and small-scale farmers. Turnkey and fully compliant solutions for processing any type of agri-food product.

The main objective is to optimize cost and time of implementation.

Meat processing plants

Slaughtering and meat processing


We work closely with the customer with special attention to space, capacity and economic output requirements.

Plants for processing and slaughtering poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep and game in general.

Plants for processing solid and liquid by-products.

Processing and storage warehouses, storage cells, boning rooms and sales outlets.

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An opportunity for your farm. Placed on farmland, the modular plant, enables zero-mile processing and direct sales. Innovation and technology make business possible without intermediary steps to breeders and farmers.

We offer plants complete with all equipment for any kind of agribusiness processing or direct sales. Prefabricated and ready-to-use facilities for any kind of processing.

Modular plants for the agro-food industry

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The projects we have carried out. In Italy and around the world.