Modular plants for the agro-food industry

Mobile and turnkey solutions for an increasingly short agrifood supply chain. Our laboratories, for all types of agrifood processing, are equipped with interior finishes that meet strict European hygiene and sanitation standards. Positioned within farmland, they allow the excellent products of small producers to be transformed in the field in order to sell their products without intermediate steps and significant price increases.

Mobile plants: all the benefits for your farm

Farm To Fork

Farm to Fork

Modules installed directly in the field reduce production steps and enable the farmer to conduct work independently

Central Role Producer

Central role producer

Breeders and farmers become the real players in a short and transparent food supply chain

Local Products

Local Products

Processing directly on the farm allows the local community to have fresh, quality produce available at all times

Short Production Chain

Short Production Chain

Production, processing and marketing take place in a transparent and controlled manner. A process that lowers operating costs while ensuring product quality

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste

Producing directly on-farm and in real time decreases food waste and reduces pollution related to various movements

Development Of Rural Economies

Development of rural economies

Family farms and small farms, not using intermediaries, will contribute to the development of local realities.

Modular Meat Plants

Modular meat processing plants

Mobile slaughtering and meat processing plants are the ideal solution for farmers who wish to have a laboratory within reach, complete and food-compliant.
Indeed, in small spaces and with small investments, it is possible to transform raw materials into finished products in order to sell them independently and without being subjected to price policies and distribution dynamics foreign to the producer.
Our modular plants are automated to the fullest precisely to allow an adequate number of animals to be processed quickly.

Modular plants for agriculture and agribusiness


Prefabricated, ready-to-use modular plants for processing milk into cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt and mozzarella


Prefabricated and ready-to-use modular plants for artisanal pasta production


Modular, ready-to-use plants for honey production


Prefabricated and ready-to-use modular plants for processing fruits and vegetables into jams, purees, preserves, products in oil, etc.


Modular, ready-to-use plants for the production of bread and baked goods


Modular and ready-to-use plants for water treatment and desalination