Perugia and its modular Infopoint.

Ancient and modern: an absolutely winning combination.

The historical center of Perugia is the beating heart of the city. The place where the oldest soul resides made of monuments and fantastic historical sites but where, at the same time, the modern events take place.

It is in this highly fascinating setting that we installed a modular Info Point in April 2023.


The Coperative Society ACAP (Autonoleggiatori Consorziati Artigiani Perugia) contacted us with specific requests that we tried to satisfy in the best possible way.

The main purpose is to have a tourists accommodation that can help visitors to get around the city” – Mr Fabrizio Cerbini, our direct referent for the project tells us – “A sole information point where you can find all the indications about events, guided tours, concerts and where you can buy tickets for transport around the city and everything else” he continues.

It is a modular and custom-tailored structure meticulously designed, and then built, with particular attention to certain structural and coating requirements.

The historical buildings and the medieval and Renaissance character of the center of Perugia led our in-house team of technicians to propose the Cor-Ten steel as finishing for the external panels. The main peculiarity of this material is of “self-protecting” from the electrochemical corrosion, through the formation of a compact surface which takes on a different color over time thanks to the action of atmospheric agents.

The Cor-Ten steel make this modular structure even more versatile because it allows for a constant mutation and a subjective interpretation depending on shadows and plays of lights.

Actually we are not talking about a simple module but about a real object of design which in this way respects the environmental constraints in which it is installed and solves real space problems associated with historical city centers such as Perugia.

The decision to use glass on two of the remaining walls, on the other hand, it is proposed by the Municipality itself precisely to have direct contact with the tourists in the square and for grater interaction between the staff inside and the public all around.


A new and innovative module that focuses on attention and care in choosing the best materials to use with respect to the context in which it will be positioned. A creative and ambitious project that we have been able to resign.