Modular plants for bread making

Modular plant prefabricated and ready to use for bread making. Built in accordance to the current health and hygiene regulations as well as designed paying particular attention to the spaces optimization. Our basic standard model offers the possibility of producing bread, pizza or similar, but it can be implemented with a store and for the realization of pastry products.

Our modular plants can be customized with several optional and in accordance to the needs of the customer: it is possible in fact to couple them with other modules or existing buildings in order to increase the storage, the productivity or to diversify the production. Especially appropriate for small companies or individuals who want to enhance their product in a safe and scalable way over time. The many options available for the exterior finishing allow our modular plants to be in compliance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).


Maritime Container ISO


We manufacture the ISO modules from well-known shipping containers. The main structures, made of corrugated sheets and steel profiles, are lined internally with isothermal panels certified for food environments of adequate thickness to ensure excellent insulation and soundproofing. Suitable for naval transport as they are certified for this purpose.



Prefabricated structures. Consisting of a strong skeleton of suitably sized hot-dip galvanised steelwork, covered with isothermal panels certified for food environments of adequate thickness to guarantee excellent insulation and soundproofing. The low weight of the Eco module is a guarantee of manageability while maintaining excellent performance in terms of solidity and economy.

Choose the type of modular system:

Choose the type of modular system:

Choose the type of modular system:

Optionals and additional functionality

Wooden exterior design


The various exterior cladding options give the possibility to adapt our structures to possible environmental constraints related to protected areas such as National Parks or areas with landscape constraints. Wood, aluminium or Corten cladding are just some of the possible options.



Our solutions can be adapted and positioned on trailers for itinerant service management. This is an important function to be able to do work that can reach even the most remote areas - or to offer specific services directly in companies or production areas.



Sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly important aspects. The possibility of exploiting the roof portion of the modules also allows in some cases to achieve energy independence of the workings, enabling savings and energy efficiency.

SINT compact food processing plants: flexibility and modularity

Flexible and suitable for every context

Flexible and suitable for every context

Our products are adaptable to any geographical context: from plains to urban areas, from mountainous areas to deserts. They are flexible in configuration according to the needs of the industry as well as customer-specific requirements.

Modular and integrated

Modular and integrated

The modular structure of our modules allows the customer to start with a single module while leaving the possibility, in the future, to expand or diversify production, integrating other new units or expanding those already installed.