impianto modulare per la lavorazione delle carni avicole


Processing room and direct sale

Two modular plants for meat processing and on-farm sale

In the beautiful setting of Lake Bolsena, in the province of Viterbo and on the border with Tuscany and Umbria, lies the Agriturismo gli Alberelli



A farm that, thanks to its 170 hectares of land, has been involved in rural production since 2006. The growing demand for quality products and the continuing spread of direct sales at zero km has prompted the company to integrate its agri-food chain, relying on Sint Tecnologie and its experience in the sector.

Sint Tecnologie has fully embraced the needs of the “Gli Alberelli” agritourism, creating a modern, state-of-the-art solution for them with the aim of enhancing this business model that expresses and defends local traditions and excellence. This was the starting point for the design, construction and start-up of the new modular poultry meat processing plant.

In collaboration with our manufacturing partner, Sint Tecnologie, we designed a customised solution consisting of 2 containers of different sizes joined together with an insulated roof for protection.

The structure is fully compliant with current hygiene regulations, has surfaces that can be easily inspected and disinfected, and complies with operator safety laws.

The plant includes a laboratory, sanitary facilities, a warehouse and a factory outlet: four different environments optimised in a small space. A versatile, fast and economical solution to produce quality meat in-house and sell the finished product at zero kilometres: these are the common objectives between SInt Tecnologie and those who choose us.

impianto modulare per la lavorazione delle carni avicole