Meat processing plants: the best solution for every need

Meat processing plants:
the best solution
for every need

The ability to be versatile and to offer a complete range of products

SINT Tecnologie

The ability to be versatile and to offer a complete range of products.

In the agri-food sector since 1992, SINT Tecnologie designs, builds and installs plants and equipment for meat slaughtering and processing.

Today, we are able to cater for companies of all sizes, from thousands to a few hundred head. For industrial productions, we set up slaughter plants or agribusiness laboratories in existing environments or from scratch facilities; for micro, small and medium-sized farms, on the other hand, we have patented innovative modular plants. A confined space directly on the farm for all kinds of processing.

We also provide plants for the treatment of by-products and process water, giving the customer the opportunity to have a single point of contact while optimizing costs and implementation time.

The best solution for every customer

“We offer specialized products developing all sort of technological machines, suitable to satisfy all your needs in terms of space, costs and ideas.”

Our plants and lines are turnkey in order to get the plant up and running quickly and make it immediately productive.
Space, ideas and costs are the key factors in each solution, to reconcile economic efficiency, safety, and care for the environment.


Research & Development

We constantly search for solutions to support the growth of the agri-food sector in line with compliance with regulations, environmental protection and the needs of farmers and breeders.

This is where modular plants came into being: plants installed on modules, complete, versatile, patented, and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Research & Development

Commitment to research for sustainable and fair trade production

SINT Tecnologie has set up a programme with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of Camerino, to expand and support research activities, concerning feasibility studies of mobile and sustainable structures in the agri-food chain. In addition, the company collaborates with non-governmental and non-profit associations working on development and growth in emerging countries.



The SINT Tecnologie team is made up of specialised professionals who assist the customer by drawing together the strategy to meet their needs:

  • An engineering office for design
  • A highly specialised technical staff, with a workshop for the production of machines and equipment.
  • A team of qualified ‘out sourcing’ technicians
  • A dynamic and competent sales office
  • A network of consultants in the various countries
  • Close collaboration with companies specialising in individual sectors


Set up within existing environments or in ex novo facilities, they allow the slaughtering and processing of agri-food products in compliance with current regulations.


Our exclusive patent for your 0 km business, an innovation that makes the 0 km business possible for every farmer and breeder.

The Group


Processing plants for red and white meat and food products

SINT Tecnologie is a leader and an integral part of a group of specialized companies that aim to enhance the agribusiness sector and support small and medium-sized agricultural producers.
through technology and a wide range of equipment for every stage of processing.

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SELF Globe is an interlocutor for entities, institutions and sector associations that wish to develop a country's agribusiness by enhancing territory, traditions and products.

Thus, it supports the growth of micro, small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises around the world through the creation of real modular villages as holistic centers for rural short supply chain development.