Meat processing plants: from design to installation

Sint Tecnologie designs, manufactures and installs lines for the slaughtering of meat, red and white meat, game, for the treatment of by-products and process water, for the storage and distribution of finished products. A complete service guaranteed by a unique and reliable partner able to listen to customer needs so that time and costs are optimised to the maximum.

Meat processing plants

Meat processing plants

Meat slaughtering and processing plants are a key asset of the agricultural industry. They offer livestock farmers the possibility of autonomously processing meat to market it directly or feed it into the commercial food chain.

To enable large numbers of animals to be processed quickly, Sint plants are highly automated.

DEPOSITS for storing white and red meat

Design and installation of white and red meat processing, storage and processing plants, built in accordance with current sanitary regulations.

treatment of meat processing by-products

To complete the supply chain, we supply and install plants for the treatment of solid and liquid by-products. Solutions comply with current regulations and are designed with special attention to space optimization.