Perugia and its modular Infopoint

CASE STUDIE Perugia and its modular Infopoint. Ancient and modern: an absolutely winning combination. Contact The historical center of Perugia is the beating heart of the city. The place where the oldest soul resides made of monuments and fantastic historical sites but where, at the same time, the modern events take place. It is in […]

We have landed in Spain

CASE STUDIE We have landed in Spain. With a plant for white meat processing. Contact We are in the province of Álava, northern Spain. In the beautiful mountainous setting, a few kilometers from France, is the Okiturri Industrial Area. Here we installed and commissioned the first poultry meat processing module in November 2022. The prefabricated […]

Fratelli Moretti

CASE STUDIES Innovation and eco-sustainability in the choice of materials for our structures Attention to the customer and care for the context in which the modules will be installed Contact The materials selection phase during the planning of a new project requires an in-depth study of the context in which the modules will operate and […]

Gli Alberelli

CASE STUDIES Processing room and direct sale Two modular plants for meat processing and on-farm sale In the beautiful setting of Lake Bolsena, in the province of Viterbo and on the border with Tuscany and Umbria, lies the Agriturismo gli Alberelli AVICOLI MODULE 12 METRES Contact A farm that, thanks to its 170 hectares […]

Agricola Gabbi

CASE STUDIES Breeding, processing and direct sales The 100% Made in Marche poultry meat chain AVICOLI MODULE 6 METRES Contact In order to correctly communicate the value of a quality product to those who eat it, it is important, first of all, to invest energy in creating this value from scratch, taking care of […]


CASE STUDIES Mobile cheese dairies for Alpine pastures in Northern Italy A virtuous combination of training, research, production and marketing MILK MODULE 6 METRES Contact Typicalp, an acronym for ‘Typicity, Innovation, Competitiveness in Alpine Dairy Products‘, was created to defend a reality of excellence, tradition and culinary quality. The main objective of the project, […]


CASE STUDIES Colombaro’s Agri-butchery The best Piemontese beef processed inside a container MEAT PROCESSING MODULE 12 METRES Contact Young Diego’s is the story of an activity that spans several generations. We are in the 1940s when the grandfather Angelo started out as a breeder and trader. His small stable had only a few head of […]

Pasta Bellezza

CASE STUDIES From wheat to pasta? Yes, we can! A container for producing artisanal pasta a few steps from the wheat field Making the farmer independent is the basis of our daily activities. That is, making sure that he can produce, process and market a healthy, tasty and sustainable product. PASTA MODULE 9 METRES […]

Il Tesoro dei Sibillini

CASE STUDIES A modular dairy in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park Fresh, genuine and quality products MILK MODULE 12 METRES Contact Il Tesoro dei Sibillini is a small farm situated in the heart of the homonymous National Park. It has a long history made of sacrifices, passion and hard work that embraces an […]